SAYORI Chapter

SAYORI Chapter

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Sayori is a Japanese Halfbeak/ Ballyhoo. We have them in two sizes and also as a Triple Threat Option.

Sayori - Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H 3/0

Average length 5".

Nano Sayori - Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H 1/0

The Nano is a smaller version of the regular Sayori offered in two styles:

- "Dirty" - Orange Tip, Gray Green Body, Mirage Eye

- "OG" - Red Tip, Blue Body, Mirage Eye

Average length 4".

Sayori Triple Threat has 1x Sayori, 1x "Dirty" Nano Sayori, and 1x "OG" Nano Sayori.

Perfect for Whipping and Jigging.

Replace like you would any hook.

Sold Individually with the exception of the Sayori Triple Threat.