S&P Shrimps

S&P Shrimps

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"S&P" Shrimp Fly

S&P FULLY LOADED Triple Threat Fly Box - THE BEST YOU'RE GOING TO GET! A.F. Fly Box loaded with 24 S&P flies (8x V1, 8x V2, 8x Hybrid Deluxe).

S&P V1 "Salt and Pepper" - UV Based. Clear body. 1/0 hook.

S&P V2 "The Mint" - Pearl Body. 1/0 hook.

S&P V3 "OJ" - Orange body, Glow Eyes. 1/0 hook.

S&P V4 "Cherry Bomb" - Red Body. 1/0 hook.

S&P Hybrid Deluxe - Combined profile of the V1 and V2 on a larger 2/0 hook.

Each variant in the menu has a corresponding picture to the specific fly. 

Automatic Flies' Opae or "Ghost Shrimp." Features UV characteristics with clear body, custom painted 'Eggs and Guts,' and each eye is hand-dipped eye. Tied on Owner SSW Cutting Point hooks.

Each fly is unique and no two will be alike or have the same painted pattern.

Recommended Damashi Setup:

- 20-40# main line

- 15-30# branch line

- Each hook spaced 1 foot apart