RFD Menpachi Ultimate Color Box

RFD Menpachi Ultimate Color Box

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Redfish Dreams' Ultimate Color Box


The NEW boxes feature a compartment with divider to store additional tackle and 36 Assorted RFD flies (6 of each color). This box is also deep enough to store our Shoreline and Pelagic Flies properly.

After years of requests, we finally made a glow-fly series for Menpachi a.k.a. the Hawaiian Flagtail Fish. This beastly fly creates a blooming presence in the water when worked and resemble plankton or shrimp when flowing. Menpachi feed on a variety of tiny morsels and the silhouette of the Redfish Dreams closely resemble what I find in their stomachs.

They can be enhanced with a scent boost such as Pro- Cure, Ultrabite, leftover bait juice, etc. Blast the heads for a few seconds with a UV light and they hold a glow charge of 20+ minutes. Target species are Menpachi, Aweoweo, and any other nocturnal predator fish.

Perfect for damashi or whipping.