Oama Triple Threat

Oama Triple Threat

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Oama Triple Threat

An Oama is a juvenile Goatfish and a popular prey for the predator fish of Hawaii. They usually congregate in large schools near sandy shores, rocky reefs and the deep blue. In this variety pack, we offer an Oama style suited for the terrain they're found. Over the years there have been requests for a version with red eyes so now I offer those as well as the OG Oama Triple Threat. 

Shoreline Series - Tarpon 2/0 Hook


- 1x Sunaarashi

- 1x Loco Moco

- 1x Katsuo

(Also sold individually)

Average length 4-5".

Perfect for Whipping and Jigging.

Replace like you would any hook.

Sold in a pack with 3 flies. Each pack includes 1 of each fly listed above.