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Oama Bloodlust Jig

            Realistic and resilient glow jigs with designs based around Hawaii’s best baits – the Akule, Oama, and Opelu. The full glow attracts the attack both day and night and are a great solution to getting rid of those pesky predators while loading up on bait.

            The NEW 2021 lineup features the existing designs but with an added holographic flash. This gives it more of an altering presence during the daytime while the jig shimmers in the light.

Knife sizes - 2, 4, 6, and 8 ounces.

            The new and edgy design of the Bloodlust Assist Hooks target saltwater predator species of all sizes. The Bloodlust finish shimmers in the light with an attracting presence ready to perform hit after hit. Each hook has its own individual connection giving 100% breaking strength unlike others with both hooks attached to one cord. Bloodlust Assist Hooks are available in multiple sizes and styles for any sizes lure or jig.

Find your Blood Assist Hook pairing using our new compatibility chart!

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