Deep Seven Odori Ebi

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NEW 2024 Odori Ebi

Improved version: More glow, larger profile, harder body and tied on Mustad Tuna Circle Hooks in sizes 12/0 and 13/0. The cover picture features the 12/0 on the top and the 13/0 on the bottom.

My preferred setup is an Ao Ebi as the top hook, followed by a Sakura and Shimo Odori Ebi, another Sakura, 24K Hawaiian Gold, and 2 Shimo on the bottom.

Released on 12/27/2023.

HYBRID ODORI EBI - One green eye and one pink eye with a split design in the body. Looks pink from one side and green from the other. best of both flies in one. 

2023 Odori Ebi

Current version tied on Maruto 26 BKN hook.

Released on 1/30/2017.

Perfect for bottom fishing for during the day or night.

Replace like you would any hook.

Sold 3 flies per pack. All the same color.