A.F. Shoreline Distributor Pack

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Shoreline Distributor Pack

This is the perfect opportunity for anglers who may be too far away to reach a distributor and want the AF experience shipped right to their door!  The staple selection of 5 proven flies from the past 8 years. 

1x Distributor Pack includes the following 5 Shoreline flies:

- 1x Emferno (HALALU: Green, Turquoise, White)

- 1x Karasu (O'OPUI: Black, Bleeding Belly)

- 1x Sunaarashi (OAMA: Brown, Ashy White, Barred Feather)

- 1x MiranDOLO (Vibrant PInk, Yellow, Dark Blue)

- 1x Red Rocket V2 (Red, Orange, Pink)l