Oama Triple Threat

Oama Triple Threat

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Oama Triple Threat

An Oama is a juvenille Goatfish and an extremely popular meal for predator fish. They usually congregate in large schools near sandy shores, rocky reefs and/or the deep blue ocean. In this variety pack, we offer an Oama for every terrain including one that is exclusive to our Hawai'i distributors; meaning you won't find them sold on the website!

Shoreline Series - Tarpon 2/0 Hook


- 1x Sunaarashi (Distributor Exclusive)

- 1x Loco Moco

- 1x Katsuo

Average length 4-5".

Perfect for Whipping and Jigging.

Replace like you would any hook.

Sold in a pack with 3 flies. Each pack includes 1 of each fly listed above.