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Keeping true to the #AttractTheAttack motto, this is an independent teaser to run behind the bubble and before the swivel. My goal was to provoke twice the reactions with more than one presentation. The tube creates a much larger head to amplify the reflection of the bait eye. The fly weighs 2 grams and the tube system provides a range of possibilities...

  • Mainline>Bubble>Autotube>Bead(optional but advised)>Swivel>Leader>Automatic Fly

I recommend a bead between the Autotube and swivel for whipping (10-30# Braid) or light plugging setups. Bead not recommended for Ultralight setups and trolling. The small Ultralight swivel can slide into the Autotube and hide. Same goes for a knot of heavier leader or crimp.

Another option is threading the leader through the Autotube, adding an egg lead, and then your choice of hook to make it a really heavy fly that can be casted or trolled independently.

  • Mainline>Swivel>Leader>Autotube>Egg Lead>Hook

The Autotube can be attached on the mainline above the swivel, add another one in the middle of the leader with a split shot to hold, and then a final Automatic on the back. Or you could run multiple lines off the single swivel.

  • Mainline>Autotube>Swivel>Leader>Autotube>Split Shot on Leader>Autotube>Hook

The main tube has an inner “cup” face so you could Sharpie the inside red to give it a bleeding look. Fits up to 80lb mono comfortably with room for play. 4" in length. They can also be used as teasers for grubs or other soft plastics.