A.F. Shoreline Distributor Pack

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Shoreline Distributor Pack

The staple selection of 5 proven flies reserved for our Distributors. Under the current global situation, we are offering these for a LIMITED time.

This is the perfect opportunity for anglers without a distributor on their island or who may not want to travel. They are mainly reserved for inshore predator game fish but have also been successful offshore.

1x Distributor Pack includes the following 5 Shoreline flies:

- 1x Emferno (HALALU: Green, Turquoise, White)

- 1x Karasu (O'OPUI: Black, Bleeding Belly)

- 1x Sunaarashi (OAMA: Brown, Ashy White, Barred Feather)

- 1x MiranDOLO (Vibrant PInk, Yellow, Dark Blue)

- 1x Red Rocket V2 (Red, Orange, Pink)l