Hybrid Pack with Automatic Flies' Fly Box

Hybrid Pack with Automatic Flies' Fly Box

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Hybrid Pack w/ Fly Box

A 'Pelagic' assortment of (8) proven flies for feisty game fish made with an upgraded hook and material for those toothy deep blue predators. 

They feature a mix of both website lures and (4) 'Distributor Exclusive lures' not found on the website. 

Top to Bottom:

- 1x Pa’akai

- 1x Magamo

- 1x Settoku (Distributor Exclusive)

- 1x Venom (Distributor Exclusive)

- 1x Pelagic Emferno 

- 1x ClouDEAD V2 (Distributor Exclusive)

-  1x Bedtime (Distributor Exclusive)

- 1x Hotaru

Sold in a pack with 8 flies. Each pack includes 1 of each fly listed above. Assortment of flies may change based on availability.


Eyes may vary to previous versions upon availability.

Perfect profile for Whipping, Trolling on a SUP, kayak or boat, and Jigging.

Replace like you would any hook for offshore applications.


Minimum 40lb test or higher.

Can be used in a daisy chain or slow trolled with lead.

Sharpen hooks to your liking.

Rinse well with fresh water and store when fully dry.

Do not leave stored on metal or attached to metal due to possible electrolysis.